Large Scale/High Profile Events. Venue Leasing, Theatrical Performances


Large scale event support is for events in Tishman Auditorium that use 4 or more microphones, multiple presenters, multiple PowerPoint presentations, multiple video rolls, and video wall technology.

Requires: 4 week advanced lead time for all Large Scale/High Profile/Venue Leasing/Theatrical Performance.

Characteristics of large scale events include:

  • Use of multiple microphones
  • Requires on-site technician
  • All day event
  • Requires extensive setup
  • Minimum of 100 attendees

Examples: 4 or more microphones, multiple presenters, multiple powerpoint presentations, multiple video rolls, use of video wall technology in Tishman.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff
    • the university's Event Requester
    • he On-Site Coordinator

Getting Started 

Please contact Events IT by emailing providing as many details about your event as possible. We will contact you via with next steps.

Additional Info 

We cannot guarantee the success of your event for requests made less than four weeks before the event.

  • Initial request should be received 4 weeks before the event.
  • Requires on site meeting(s) starting three weeks prior to the event.
  • All parties involved with the production of the event must be present for all on site meeting(s).
  • Delegated on site Manager must be present throughout the event.
  • Events held in the Tishman Auditorium which use more than 600 seats that require to open the air wall separating classrooms U201 and U202 will need to be schedule at least three hours before the start of the event.
  • Events IT questionnaire will be sent as soon as Event IT receives a signed contract.
  • Questionnaire must be filled out and sent to Events IT by Event Owner or the Delegated on site Manager.
  • Completed Events IT questionnaire must be returned 5 business days before the event.
  • Events IT will send out equipment schedule and updates to the Event Owner and the Delegated on site Manager confirming AV needs, setup up time, and all other relevant information.
  • The Events IT Service questionnaire will be an addendum to this contract. This is to be signed and returned by Event Owner or the Delegated On site Manager and delivered to Events IT five business days prior to the event.
  • A rehearsal is required before the event.
  • The event venue must include a scheduled minimum of 8 business hours prior for event and possibly up to 24 hours prior to event for Events IT setup. This will be determined during the initial meeting.
  • All budgets will be finalized 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • All events of this type requires an on site manager (or Producer) to be present three hours before the event.
  • The on site manager (or Producer) is to be thoroughly knowledgeable on all aspects of event support.
  • The on site manager (or Producer) must attend all on site meetings, events setups and be present throughout the event.
  • Rehearsal time will take place a minimum of three hours prior to doors opening.
  • No changes will be considered during the event setup.
  • Copyright content must be cleared by the Event Coordinator prior to the event.

Below are some commonly-asked questions

  • What is the time line for submitting change-orders and cancellations?

    Changes to set-up for small-scale events will not be considered within one hour of the event start time.

    Set-up for large-scale events must be finalized 24 hours prior to the event start time.

    If your event is cancelled, make sure to send an email to Events IT notifying them of the change. If cancelling an event for which staff have already been scheduled, the full fee may be applied.

  • How much set-up time is required?

    When submitting your 25Live reservation, ensure that you are requesting additional set-up time for Events IT. Small-scale events should have an hour of set-up time. Depending on the scope of large-scale events, set-up can take anywhere from 3 hours to upwards of 24 hours. The On-Site Coordinator must be present during set-up to answer questions and sign-off on the final set-up.


  • Are rehearsals and walk-throughs necessary?

    Rehearsals several days prior to the event are strongly suggested for large-scale events.

    To ensure a smooth flow day-of, please schedule a walk-through with Events IT several days prior to the event. Provide a run-of-show and a list of tech requirements prior to the meeting if available. Event coordinators and others responsible for the production must be present at the walk-through. Remember to submit a room reservation for the meeting.

  • How do I submit presentation files?

    All content files (videos, PowerPoint, PDF presentations) to be presented during your event must be sent via email to Events IT no later than 1 business day before the event for internal vetting and testing. All content files must be tested during rehearsals. If content files are not tested 1 hour before the doors open for an event, the content will not be played during the event.

    If you are hosting a screening, or will be utilizing DCP:

    • DCP content must arrive a minimum of two business days prior to the event for ingestion into the DCP system
    • Test encryption key must be valid 24 business hours prior to the event
    • Screening encryption key must be valid 4 business hours prior to screening
    • All parties must be available to participate in the DCP testing 24 hours prior to the screening
    • The 12th Street Auditorium (A 106) must be reserved by the Event Coordinator for testing two hours prior to the event

    Copyrighted content must be cleared by the Event Owner prior to the event. Please contact the permissions staff at the Library as soon as possible for assistance when seeking permission to screen a video. Permissions to publicly show materials can take up to 6 weeks to secure.

  • What are the rates for Events IT services?

    Events IT reserves the right to determine sufficient staffing for events. Operator labor charges may apply, and are billed at $75/hour per technician.

    Events in Tishman Auditorium (U 100) typically require a minimum of three technicians working simultaneously. The Auditorium (A 106) requires a minimum of one technician per event.

    Events occurring outside of building hours or on the weekends may incur additional costs.

  • Do I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

    External organizations or vendors coming on campus to provide a service (ie videographer, photographer, equipment rental companies) must provide a COI  naming The New School as an additional insured. For more information, consult the Public Programs Toolkit.

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