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Services or Offerings?
The New School provides New School faculty, staff, and degree and credit-seeking students (enrolled in the current term) with subscriptions for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.

Student information system comprised of general student, registration, financial aid and student accounts

Canvas is the New School's learning management system.

We provide on site one page instructions and can provide in person instruction for all IT supported classrooms.

Cloud Desktop is a Windows-based virtual desktop interface (VDI) that provides a way to use a variety of university-licensed software, formerly available in specific campus locations, on any up-to-date computer, tablet, or phone connected to the Internet.

The Equipment Center (EQC) offers reservation and checkout of audio and video production equipment for field and studio use.

Gartner is an information technology research and advisory company, providing a free technology-related research database for all New School staff, faculty, and degree-seeking students to use in their academic or professional work.

Google Drive is a suite of web-based collaboration applications including: Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, and more.

Google forms is a basic form builder available through your New School Google account.

Google Groups is a service used to create mailing lists.

Google Meet is an alternative video conferencing solution to Zoom. Meet has basic video conferencing features that you can use to set up quick meetings directly from Google. For more robust video conferencing features, we suggest using Zoom.

Google Sites is a tool you can use to easily create and publish websites with no technical skills required.

All active New School Google accounts receive 25GB of Google Storage that is used among Gmail and Drive.

Hyperion connects university administrators to Banner data and gives them a complete set of tools to support administrative decisions by allowing ad hoc client/server querying, reporting, and analysis all in one application.

The Laptop Choice program provides all full-time faculty and staff with one computer (only).