The New School uses the Banner suite of software developed by Ellucian for the core administration of its information. Ellucian’s suite of products are modular and are used to manage the data for all aspects of the university from Advancement, Financial Aid, and all aspects of student enrollment management.

Banner is a robust and administratively complex information systems environment, that is ever changing to meet the demands placed upon the staff and administrative offices across campus. Before identifying additional enterprise systems that meet a need, it is always best to consider first if Banner can meet that need.

Available To

While Banner self-service can be accessed by degree or credit seeking students and faculty to view things like grades and class details, direct access to Internet Native Banner (INB) is only available to staff with specific permissions.

Getting Started 

Banner Self-Service

Banner self-service is accessed through MyNewSchool via an associated link to view grades, see class details, etc. within the portal. 

Internet Native Banner (INB)

To get started with Internet Native Banner (INB) requires an initial request to be made from the supervisor of any person who needs access. Approval from the Data Stewards for each Banner module that the person will access must be granted and the person must also attend a training session that familiarizes them with navigation in the Banner product. However, each departmental area is responsible for training their own staff on the daily use and best practices of using Banner.

To get a Banner user ID (all Banner modules) please fill out the Banner User Request form completely.

Additional Info 

Banner is a transactional database and is intended for the entering and the updating of data. It is not designed as a reporting tool. In order to access the Banner data for reporting purposes, you will need access to a reporting tool such as Oracle’s Hyperion product. If you are looking to access Custom Database Views, these pages are now available in the Hyperion (Brio) section of our site.

Course Roster Reports
To request access to the Course Roster reports in Tableau, please submit a support ticket to IT Central.


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