Academic Applications

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The New School provides New School faculty, staff, and degree and credit-seeking students (enrolled in the current term) with subscriptions for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.


Canvas is the New School's learning management system.

Gartner Research Portal

Gartner is an information technology research and advisory company, providing a free technology-related research database for all New School staff, faculty, and degree-seeking students to use in their academic or professional work.


MyNewSchool is the university's web portal, specially customized for students, faculty and staff.


Qualtrics is research software that enables you to do surveys and online data collection and analysis, including social and organizational research, marketing, satisfaction, concept testing, and website feedback.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Educate is Amazon's global, grants-based initiative that gives students and educators hands-on experience with AWS technology, cloud training resources, course content and collaboration forums.